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Clicky extension

Postby Wim » Sat Sep 04, 2010 8:41 pm

( I am looking for some testers for this new extension. If you have a Clicky account, would appreciate much your feedback on this extension )

The Clicky extension automates the process to add the Clicky tracking code to all the pages and entries of your PivotX weblog. And the extension, once enabled, will display a Clicky stats summary on your PivotX dashboard.

Clicky is a web analytics service that enables you to monitor, analyze, and react to your visitor traffic in real time.


Enable the Clicky hook extension in the Extension section of PivotX.
Goto the configuration page for the Clicky extension and enter your Clicky Site id, Site Key, and Admin Site Key. You can obtain these from your Clicky account under Preferences.

The Clicky asynchronous tracking code will now be added to every page or entry that PivotX generates for your weblog. The tracking code is placed near the end of the closing body tag.

View summaries of most relevant statistics directly from the PivotX dashboard, or login to your account on the Clicky website for detailed analysis of your visitor traffic.
Clicky for PivotX v.0101
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Re: Clicky extension

Postby Wim » Sat Sep 11, 2010 8:39 pm

I have added version 0.101 to the first post in this topic.

New in Clicky extension v. 0.101 is support for custom goal tracking. You can enable/disable this from the extension configuration page for Clicky.

If you select to enable goals, this will add an entry field to the sidebar of the entry and page editor's screens. This field is called "Clicky Goal ID". In this field you can enter the goal id of a custom goal you have setup in your Clicky account (this is a premium option so not available for the free version of Clicky). Optionally you can specify a revenue also. As soon as the entry or page is displayed this will mark a completion of the goal and the revenue (if set) will be added to the total revenue value.

One example where this may be useful, is when you have a blog with multiple authors and want to track each author's performance. You can setup a goal within Clicky, one for every author, provide the goal id to each of them and have them enter this when they write an entry. Clicky will provide a comprehensive overview of how many times all the articles for each author have been read.

Another example. You have an affiliate agreement where you get paid for every hit on articles where you promote product xyz. Setup a goal for this in Clicky, add the goal id and per-click revenue to your entries and pages that cover product xyz, and see the revenue building up in your Clicky goals reports.
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