Tulip Template for PivotX

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Tulip Template for PivotX

Postby Schop » Thu Oct 30, 2008 7:15 pm

I wanted to try something different, and still had nothing to do so here's the 'Tulip' template for PivotX. Again, it looks like the screenshot below in every browser except for IE. Sorry for that. But this time, I made the effort to include some special IE stuff, so it's not really screwed up. The transparency in IE is full, and in other browsers you're looking at a 50% opaque black .png file as the background. Of course I could have used the 'opacity' property and the 'filter:alpha' stuff for IE, but that makes the text and the pictures in a 'div' transparent as well, and I didn't want that. And using the .png background made my IE7 very slow, so I threw that out. Included a zip file with everything also.

Tulip Template for PivotX
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