'Website Online' combined with 'use output caching' settings

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'Website Online' combined with 'use output caching' settings

Postby thephrase » Sun Jan 30, 2011 8:55 pm

When I set my website offline this afternoon, and then online again,
I had the output caching on.

Website was online, but cached offline
This resulted in the website being offline (cached offline), but I wasn't able to see it.
The red sign "Website OFFLINE" tag was not there, and also the new PivotX toolbar (i LOVE it! by the way)
did not show it was offline.

So my customer called that the website was offline. I changed the "output caching" to false, and the website was online again, according to the client.
All the time the website worked at my end.

If this is a bug, maybe it's an idea to ignore the "output cache" for a moment when the website it set online again?

Where can I change the 'whitelist' for the 'Website Online == off" setting?
I want to be able to test this situation,
maybe it is a PivotX bug, maybe it is something on my end.
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Re: 'Website Online' combined with 'use output caching' sett

Postby Bob » Mon Jan 31, 2011 10:49 am

I haven't verified this yet, but i think you have a point. Seems only logical to clear the cache when the 'offline'-status changes.
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Re: 'Website Online' combined with 'use output caching' sett

Postby hansfn » Mon Jan 31, 2011 12:00 pm

Where can I change the 'whitelist' for the 'Website Online == off" setting?

The IP in the list of (active) sessions are used to check whether you should see the offline message or not. You can either logout or check from a computer that has different global IP.
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Re: 'Website Online' combined with 'use output caching' sett

Postby marcelfw » Mon Jan 31, 2011 1:28 pm

I can confirm hansfn answer. The ipnumber of everybody who is logged in gets 'on the whitelist' and will therefore see an 'online' website. If you want to validate it's off-line you have to log out of pivot and make sure everybody behind your NAT-router is logged out aswell, usually that is everybody in the same office (for small companies).

There were a few reasons to make it like that for this release:
- having this feature will be the coolest when upgrading to the next pivotx release. when you're upgrading to the next pivotx you can actually really changes all the files while the site will keep itself 'offline', well all except index.php and pivotx/offline.php
- it's a chicken and egg thing. if you assume the website will be updated when using the offline feature, you cannot assume you will have a database connection, or any pivotx feature for that matter. therefore besides a small change in index.php, it is completely self-contained in pivotx/offline.php. there are no php dependencies. the only thing this release uses from the pivotx installation is the ser_sessions.php file. note: if ser_sessions.php is not available, off-line is still shown but nobody sees an 'online' site.

We know it's not the perfect solution and in future releases it will surely be improved, but that's the way it works now.
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