administration woes in konqueror

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administration woes in konqueror

Postby m.eik » Sun Aug 23, 2009 2:22 pm


i've sucessfully migrated my blog from pivot to recent pivotx 2.0, and i'm quite happy. but i noticed some glitches when working with konqueror (kde 4.2.2):

  • when i change something in the configuration dialogs, i get a message like "configuration could not be saved". nonetheless, the changes are stored and persistent (and if i alter i.e. extension settings they can be sucessfully saved without error messages)
  • i can see my entries in the dashboard, but when i switch to the articles view, i'm told "error fetching entries", and nothing except the status bar is shown
  • when composing a new article, "error fetching tags" pops up and no tag cloud is shown to choose from, but they're actually correctly added to each entry
  • preview of an article shows only an empty page
  • rebuilding index or search index gives similar error messages too, but the indices are obviously updated
  • fetching news and forum posts on the dashboard hangs, not producing results

all these issues don't appear if i use firefox, so i'm switching browsers to work on the blog.

i've noticed a firefox issue too, though: i had some articles with two dashes in the title tag, resulting in them being treated like comments and not shown on the frontpage (see, third entry from the bottom), but it shows in the entry itself ( konqueror isn't bothered and shows the frontpage as it should be.

hope this is useful, though it's probably browser bug related. or a messed up theme, i'm still working on the transition...
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