Filter content type relation in the administration

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Filter content type relation in the administration

Postby Pierre » Tue Apr 29, 2014 9:24 am


I'm using Bolt for a project and it is really exciting. I really, really appreciate your work. Everything is fine but remains some unknown solutions, please let me know if I missed something in the documentation.

Here is my issue:
I have a content type "contest". Users can send some articles via a form. These articles are registered as draft and automatically belong to the contest in progress (depends on the date). Note that later submitted articles are published by admins. So far so good.
Now I want the admins to be able to choose a winner from the contest admin panel. Articles proposed should be only the published ones and only the ones which belong to the associated contest.

For the moment I created a relation between contest and articles so an admin can choose the winner among all articles. But I know this is not the good way to do that. The relation field display all submited articles including the drafts and the ones wich don't belong to the contest.
Same with a selectfield with a contentype, is there a way to filter it ?

My question is : what is the best way to do that ?

Please excuse my english, this is not my first language.

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