workaround for sorting taxonomy overview with paging?

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workaround for sorting taxonomy overview with paging?

Postby Biscuit » Wed Jun 04, 2014 6:04 pm

I've just come across this problem and seen the notes on github. The coding is a bit beyond me so I thought I'd appeal to anyone who might have found a solution.

This describes my problem in more detail

Basically I want the taxonomy overview results to appear alphabetically with paging. Bob says there's no solution but I'm hoping there might be some creative workaround.

Otherwise it's a fairly essential feature missing from Bolt. Most people will expect some identifiable order to the results. Especially for potentially long lists (mine will often be hundreds long). For sites like mine most people would find alphabetical useful, I would ideally like sorting by slug.

I know it can be done in one page but listing a few hundred results takes longer to load and on mobile devices is not good for navigating. The sidebar appears below the results which means a lot of scrolling.

It would be a shame if Bolt can't ever be used like this.
Any help appreciated.
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