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Postby chrisplatts01 » Mon Jun 16, 2014 12:21 pm

I have a Bolt site in development and recently installed a fresh version 1.6.5, imported my previous database and config files. I have now enabled SimpleForms, created a basic template with the {{ simpleform('contact') }} tag, and got this error when visiting the page:

Key "prefix" for array with keys "placeholder, type" does not exist in "assets/simpleforms_fields.twig" at line 9

The site seems to work fine otherwise. Any ideas? Thanks.


btw the SimpleForms config.yml is unchanged from the distribution copy, other than email addresses and recipients - and the 'demo' form section at the end of the file is commented out:

Code: Select all

# This is the config file for the Simple Forms extension.

stylesheet: assets/simpleforms.css
template: assets/simpleforms_form.twig
mail_template: assets/simpleforms_mail.twig
message_ok: Thanks! Your message has been sent.
message_error: There was an error in the form. Please check the form, and try again.
message_technical: There were some technical difficulties, so your message was not sent. We apologize for the inconvenience.
button_text: Send
# Optional. Used only, when you have a file field.
# mime_types_message: "Not allowed file type. Allowed file types are:"

# ReCaptcha Config - Set these options to enable ReCaptcha spam protection.
# Generate your keys at
recaptcha_enabled: false
recaptcha_public_key: ''
recaptcha_private_key: ''
recaptcha_error_message: "The CAPTCHA wasn't entered correctly. Please try again."
recaptcha_theme: clean

# Enable CSRF protection for forms. You should leave this set to 'true', unless
# you know what you're doing.
csrf: true

# global cc email address
# set this value to an email address that will receive a copy of every email from simpleforms
# recipient_cc_email:
# recipient_cc_name: Info

# global bcc email address
# set this value to an email address that will receive a blind copy of every email from simpleforms
# recipient_bcc_email:

# global testmode
# for development all email will be sent to this address
# all other recipient and cc addresses will be ignored
# remove or set 'testmode' to false for a production site
testmode : true

# from_email and from_name can be set for picky SMTP servers
# from_email :
# from_name : Chris

# A simple contact form. Use as {{ simpleform('contact') }} in your templates.
  recipient_name: Chris
      type: text
      required: true
      placeholder: Your name ..
      type: email
      label: Email address
      required: true
      placeholder: Your email address ..
      type: textarea
      required: true
      placeholder: Your message ..

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