Hiding parts of a Bolt site?

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Hiding parts of a Bolt site?

Postby llauren » Sat Aug 09, 2014 5:04 pm


First day with Bolt here so pardon my nubicity.

Is there an obvious way to hide and/or deny access to parts of (or most of) a Bolt site? The use case here is that my wife would like to create a personal blog/kb/site/whatever and keep most of it to herself and possibly a select few people. That means that the front page (is that the `dashboard`?) can be open to anyone, and there might be a page or a set of pages that can be open, but most of the site should be closed. Optionally, everything can be closed, except for the login :)

While i do catch the basics of RBAC, i couldn't really figure out the way. I tried changing `permissions.yml > global: dashboard` from `anonymous` to `everyone` (the latter which i presume means "any logged in user") and contenttype-default first to `everyone` and then to `owner, editor`, but to no avail.

What i'm not sure is about the roles. Does anonymous mean any non-login user, everyone any logged-in user? Are all regular users `editors` and are `cheif-editors` also editors by inheritance or are they two distinct roles (so a user might be a chief-editor while not being an editor, how illogical that may sound?)

On an unrelated note, it seems as if phpBB doesn't recognise `backticks` like flavours of Markdown does. Oh well.

Thanks a bunch,
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Re: Hiding parts of a Bolt site?

Postby ningus » Sun Aug 10, 2014 10:37 am

Hi robin, I’m not sure I understand correctly what you meant. So you want to show some content to all public visitors on your site, and there would also be more content only visible to dedicated users.

Dashboard is the first back-end page that authenticated users see after log in. Allowing anonymous users access to dashboard ist not a good idea.

Have you seen in the roles section of permissions.yml there is a "guest" role. A guest is allowed nothing but viewing content via contenttype-default.

1. As a site-owner you would create users for everyone of your dedicated few and assigning guest roles to them.

2. You will need to define an additional contenttype, something like "personal" or whatever.

3. In permissions.yml (contenttypes section, last section down at the end of permissions.yml) you would put in the contentype that is strictly meant for your "guests":
Code: Select all
       edit: [ admin, chief-editor ]
       create: [ admin, chief-editor ]
       publish: [ admin, chief-editor ]
       depublish: [ admin, chief-editor ]
       delete: [ admin, chief-editor ]
       view: [ developer, admin, chief-editor, guest ]

Disclaimer: this is all theory ;) and I’m not sure why guests should log in to dashboard, not much to do there.
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