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how to make some basic customization (site name & colors)

PostPosted: Mon Dec 28, 2009 3:49 am
by asorka
edit: forgot to mention, I'm using PivotX - 2.1.0: beta 1

from my questions you'll probably could get an idea on "problems" by newbies and noobs point of view in every day usage of such a powerful and beautiful "tool" which pivotx is (I know I necessarily should start studying CSS and web design)

For example I'd like to set a different site name, not the same of the one displayed by the weblog name parameter (which sometimes I'd like to leave in empty): is that possible? (I tried with the sitename parameter in "advanced configuraration", but it then overide even the name parameter in "configuration"). Even to change some basic color would be great...

Now I don't even know if these questions should be placed in the "themes" forum section :P

I also leave some feedback about the UI:
it's very nice and well organized but I guess if the instantly changing parameters (instead of a "save settings" button) will let the noobs like me to mess around very easlily (what about a "back to default" or an "undone" button?). The "pull-down" menus (don't know the proper english word for those) are appreciately well organized, with the default settings on the top and separated by a line...

Thanks for supporting :)