Ohnoo so simple i Think..

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Re: Ohnoo so simple i Think..

Postby vengoroso » Thu Apr 24, 2008 5:35 pm

camarados wrote:So I create a new page_template with

Code: Select all

in it...
And I created some enties in the linkdup categorie.. but that dont work ofcourse.

I am not sure on what you mean, but maybe something like the following:
you need a new subweblog (name doesn't matter, call it "news" if you want) and a new page using a template with something like this:

Code: Select all
<!-- begin of weblog 'news' -->
       <h3>[[t]]Last news[[/t]]</h3>
        [[ subweblog name="news" ]]
            [[ literal ]]
                    <a href="[[entrylink]]">[[title]]</a>
             [[ /literal ]]
        [[ /subweblog ]]

        <!-- end of weblog 'news' -->

This should display only the titles (headlines) of the entries in the news subweblog, with links to each of them. The rest is just choosing in your administration section which categories are posted in this subweblog (I have still not found the way to do this).
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