Javascript issue

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Javascript issue

Postby Pieter » Wed Dec 08, 2010 10:46 am

Hi all,

I'm coding a website that must run on PivotX. The website (design was created by another person) needs to have a background animation and a weblink that points to the location where the image was stored.
I'm using a script from another person, which contains the following code:
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   var aImages = new Array();
   var aURL = new Array();
   var aArtists = new Array();
   var iPrev = -1;
   var iRnd = -1;
   aImages[0] = "img/food.jpg";
   aImages[1] = "img/dumper.jpg";
   //aImages[2] = "img/muis.jpg";

   aURL[0] = "";
   aURL[1] = "";
   aURL[2] = "";
   aArtists[0] = "Pieter Beens";
   aArtists[1] = "Pieter Beens";
   aArtists[2] = "Pieter Beens";
   $(document).ready(function() {
      /* Define the function that triggers to fade in the background as soon as the image has loaded */
            /* Fade in during 3 seconds */
            /* Animate the picture description during 1 second */
            setTimeout(function() { $("#image_description").animate({right: '+=150'}, 1000) }, 1000);
            /* Set the timeout to fade out the image and the description after 10 seconds*/
                   $("#image_description").animate({right: '-=150'}, 1000);
                   /* Load the next image after 4 seconds */
      /* Start the slideshow one second after the page is ready */

    function LoadImage(iNr)
      /* Assign the new image to the background */
      $("img#bg").attr("src", aImages[iNr]);
       /* Assign the artist name to the description */
       /* Assign the image url to the description */
        $("a#image_url").attr("href", aURL[iNr]);
        $("a#image_url").html("Bekijk foto");
    function LoadImages()
       /* Select a random image number and make sure this is not equal to the previous image */
       while(iPrev == iRnd)
          iRnd = Math.floor(Math.random()*aImages.length);
       /* Show the selected image */
       iPrev = iRnd;

However, I would like to have the link pointed to a#image_url on a very different location. Inspite, I don't know how to add these link in Javascript. Who can help me? I guess the solution lies in something like

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document.write('<a href=a#image_url>test</a>')

Thanks in advance!
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