2.2.5 and image uploading

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2.2.5 and image uploading

Postby Stingray » Mon Feb 28, 2011 3:09 am

This thread prompted my investigation, and I didn't want to hijack that thread (or any, for that matter).

When I use the insert image or popup dialog in an entry or page, I am unable to upload an image. The dialog comes up without the opportunity to upload an image; it immediately says upload error. Here is a screen grab:

When I try to upload an image in the Manage Media screen(s), I am simply taken to the top of the page; no dialog "opens."

I've played around with the plupload_runtimes configuration, all with the same effect.

Debug shows this:
Code: Select all
2011-02-27 21:54:38 - 0.027 -- pivotx/ajaxhelper.php:958 / ext_logDebug() --  ( 12561032 )
File upload error. Code=-500

This only seems to be the case on my old Ubuntu install (6.06 LTS...yeah, I really need to upgrade), regardless of the browser I use. So, in that regard, I guess this is a low priority. Is it just an incompatibility between plupload and my os?
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