Time Offset Unit Question

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Time Offset Unit Question

Postby Stingray » Wed Jun 01, 2011 1:34 am

I can't find an answer to this either in the PivotX docs or on the forums. What is the option "Overwrite" supposed to mean for Time Offset Unit?


EDIT: I'm curious if this could be updated/changed to incorporate php's "date_default_timezone_set" function. Use the default timezone (function "date_default_timezone_get" to figure out what it is and display it), or allow us to set a timezone according to the standards here.

EDIT 2: I put a "date_default_timezone_set" statement in my template, and I noticed that the entry calendar widget picked up the change. Of course, due to the way PivotX stores information in the entries, the rest of the site did not. I'm going to try the core file (again, not expecting the date/time displayed in current entries to change). Be right back.

EDIT 3: Yup, one quick change in the core file (lib), and my site uses the timezone I want it to use. I am even able to remove the line from my template and the calendar widget still uses the timezone I set.
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