Alpha 1.5 released.

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Alpha 1.5 released.

Postby Bob » Sun Dec 09, 2007 8:28 pm

Psst, we've released 'Alpha 1.5'. It addresses some issues, which might be blocking for resolving other issues we'd like to fix for the upcoming alpha 2 on December 23rd.

If you have a version of alpha 1 running, please upgrade to the alpha 1.5. Because of the new way we store our data, upgrading is very simple, and exactly the same as installing. Just go to the frontpage at, and grab the zip, tgz or use the instructions for installing on the command line.

If you've run the import script to convert your entries to MySQL, please wipe your database and run the script again. There should be fixes that help with keeping the entries and categories together.

If you've had issues with alpha 1, I'm curious to hear about:
- Does importing work better now?
- Is it clear now that you can't make users with 'UPPERcase names' ?
- Do archives work better now?
- Is the problem with 'only wanting to displaying one page' fixed?
- Does uploading work better? (or at least tell you why it doesn't work?)

There are also some improvements to the code:
- you can make links to pages like so [[ link page="about" ]]
- The dashboard, entries overview and pages overview display more information now
- We added 'select all / none' options to multiple selects.
- Added a 'lifestream' widget to track Jaiku, Twitter, Tumblr and Pownce updates.
- It's harder now to get 404 pages, because pivot 'guesses' a template to use.
- Improced handling of Markdown and Textile.
- [[ subweblog ]] blocks no longer mess up the page they're in
- Implemented the 'entry operations' like 'publish these entries' and 'delete these entries.
- .. and a lot mor small fixes. If you're really curious, they're svn revisions 821 through 849.
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Re: Alpha 1.5 released.

Postby bramn » Mon Dec 10, 2007 5:29 pm

Nice work Bob, good to see you guys couldn't wait for the 'traditional' monthly update! ;)
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