Create a start page which pulls in content from other pages

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Create a start page which pulls in content from other pages

Postby TheBuke » Tue Jan 21, 2014 5:09 am

Hi there,

I am new to PivotX, but have managed to setup a site using PivotX. I am trying to do something a little different, and wanted to see whether it was possible.

Firstly I have created my own theme, which looks the way I would like. I have created a custom start page, where currently I am bringing in a subset of the entrys in my blogs (5 most recent), however I want some more information to be displayed on this page. I want a magazine style page, that will link off to pivotX "pages" that can be edited in the PivotX admin pages. I have attached an image to help explain what I want to do.

1. Can I display a PivotX "page' that i have created within PivotX on my startup page (similar to the way I have done with my blog entrys)?
2. Can I pull in a small amount of infomation from a PivotX "page" into my startup page (say for example the first 150 characters) and then have a more link that will take me to that page within my site?
3. Currently I am pulling in the top 5 entrys onto my startup page, however rather than inlcuding all the text from the entry, can I choose to pull in a small amount of information (say for example the first 150 characters) onto the start page? I know that you can use the Introduction field, however I didn't want to update that twice when changes are made.
4. Is there any way to make pages static in your pivot X site? there are about 5 or so pages that I don't want to be deleted. Is there any wat to protect this, or is just through education to not delete these pages?

I would really love some help. Thank you so much in advance.


This is how I would like my start page to work.
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