how to get a download presented in a seperate window?

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how to get a download presented in a seperate window?

Postby piotr » Thu Jul 31, 2014 9:38 pm

hi guys,

I hope that someone of you could help me out on this topic.

Thanks to the great flexibility of PivotX, I have been able to perfecty integrate the PivotX weblog into some homepages, check: and

As an extra service, I would like to offer the reader the possibility to also download each blog as a PDF-file.
When working with URL-links, it is already possible to open each URL-link in a seperate windows.
That is exactly what I also would like to achive when offering a download-link.

In html language, I am quite familiar with the target="_blank" solution. For example:
<a href=" Hand Basar - Flyer - 2014-03-26.pdf" target="_blank" />-- Ein Flyer für Sie</a>.

I have seen some older posts on a similar topic and I followed the suggestions as described overthere,
but that didn't do the trick sofar.

Any suggestions how to achive this? Looking forward to your replies.

Kind regards, Piotr
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Re: how to get a download presented in a seperate window?

Postby Harm10 » Thu Jul 31, 2014 9:48 pm

How about using extension Bonusfields?
That adds extra fields to your entry/page editor.
In your templates you can pick up those values and generate something with it. In this case the link to the pdf file.

You can also create a file with the link in it hard coded and use the [[ include ]] tag to include it in your web page.
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