Run Your Computer As A Web Server

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Run Your Computer As A Web Server

Postby TosDesign » Sun Sep 16, 2012 8:20 pm

I have spent the last few days producing this..

It allows you to combine MySql, phpMyAdmin, Apache, Php5 and cube mail all into one and run them from your computer,, creating a web server on c:\...
Yes you can get winamp. xamp. wamp. Etc but this way is the clean way without someone's package interfacing to your scripts.....
Well I tried xampp, wamp, and a host of other things ending in amp and they were continually throwing up scripting errors, so I sat down, installed and configured the scripts myself.....

So all I have done is produce an A to B for those that want to use these scripts without an interface (Control!!!) it’s as simple as that.

Take it or leave it I have no issues whatsoever and it is there if people want to use it.

It is however styled for the complete novice not experts... It is an A to B of installing all these scripts and getting them to work in harmony....
I have produced this to allow even the less knowledgeable to perform these tasks to produce a web server on their computer with ease.
It is a selection of five install procedures followed by some simple configuration file edits.......
Hope you can make use of it?
If anything it will allow you to design or install any script for testing on localhost...
Maybe like the one on this site if you don’t have a server.
I currently have 84 scripts including this sites that I am testing or evaluating for clients.

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Re: Run Your Computer As A Web Server

Postby Harm10 » Mon Sep 17, 2012 10:17 pm

Please be aware that following the tutorials on this link is at your own risk.

If you get in trouble this forum probably cannot help you!

The PivotX Team.
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