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Custom ordering of Weblogs when choosing by category

PostPosted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 5:23 pm
by janozaurus
Hi all,
when displaying an entry and no weblog name is given in URL, Pivotx guesses an weblog based on the categories the entry was posted to. The default and current weblogs are preferred, all others are tried in random (internal) order.

For some complex sites it may be helpful to customize the order in which weblogs are tried beyond setting one as the default.

I'm submitting a patch, which adds a configuration option 'web log priority'. If set, weblogs are tried in this order when setting the weblog fro categories. My code default's to the old behaviour.

A cleaner patch against 2.1.0 beta4 (SVN2499), debugging code removed: download diff

Old Patch against SVN 2499: ... N2499.diff