Admin Layout/Tabs

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Admin Layout/Tabs

Postby docman » Sun Apr 13, 2008 2:27 pm

Hi, when one click on a tab that tab gets activated and a horizontal me nu undernearth appears, while the contain of the main page remains unchanged. This gives an ambiguous feeling. I would suggest putting on some general (but useful) info on the main page associated with every tab and make the main page change when the tab is clicked.
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Re: Admin Layout/Tabs

Postby Bob » Thu May 01, 2008 3:25 pm

I actually like the way it behaves currently, but that doesn't mean it is set in stone, the way it is. If more people feel the same way, we'll surely consider changing it.

(one of the other things under consideration is PivotX's eagerness to save changes as soon as a field loses focus)

So, thanks for bringing it up, and we'll see if others agree with you. :-)
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Re: Admin Layout/Tabs

Postby Kevin » Fri May 02, 2008 6:23 pm

I think there can be an improvement in this area too. An improvement might be that the active main and sub tabs are highlighted in some way.. like a colour change or something. :)
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