Support for HTTP Proxy when getting RSS feeds

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Support for HTTP Proxy when getting RSS feeds

Postby christofb » Wed Jan 26, 2011 5:35 pm

Hi all,

my PivotX installation is behind a firewall and has to use a HTTP proxy to connect to external sites. So I had the problem that the RSS feeds for latest news and forum posts on the dashboard could not be displayed. Setting http_proxy in the php environment did not help. The only solution I could find was to edit includes/magpie/ and add the following lines in function _fetch_remote_file after "$client = new Snoopy();":

Those changes will of course be overwritten when an update of PivotX is installed.

The same holds true for the Check integrity function of extension PivotX Tools. To be able to download the checksum files from the PivotX server I had to edit extensions/pivotx_tools/hook_pivotx_tools.php

I think PivotX should have configuration options with which to set proxy host and port and those options should always be used when HTTP requests are made using the Snoopy class.

Or am I missing something and is it much more simple?

Kind regards,
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