Some thoughts on enhancing latest_comments

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Some thoughts on enhancing latest_comments

Postby Marza » Tue Jul 26, 2011 7:01 pm

In order to give admins on our multi-user weblog a better overview of recent comments, I added a page based on latest_comments. In doing so I stumbled on some limitations and I wonder whether I am the only one. So here are some thoughts on things I'd like to be able to use. I realize it's a lot, but hey, who doesn't like to dream?

  1. a link to the entry that belongs to the comment, in combination with the title.
  2. %editlink% so admins don't have to go to Pivotx (or the original comment, where we've added the editlink already) first, before they can start editing.
  3. separate length attributes for %name% and %title%.
  4. formatting of the date.
  5. the possibility to format the anchor that is used, for instance for people who don't like to include the author name.
  6. addition of gravatars (and option to set their size). This was mentioned before, I couldn't find it on Uservoice. Having seen it in use with Disqus, I think it looks nice.
  7. the possibility to use paging, in case latest_comments is used on a page with comments only. I understand this is not the main use of latest_comments, but think it could be of value to others. Setting up such a page might come in very handy in case of massive spam. Or am I mistaken that the admin interface only allows for viewing a limited amount of comments?
  8. Come to think of it, an option to select several comments for deletion would be nice, but I suppose most people would prefer to see that in the PivotX interface.
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