User image problems

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User image problems

Postby attrib » Thu Nov 17, 2011 1:46 am

hello there,

recently i've start working with PivotX and I must say I like it a lot!
however there's one thing I can't solve when trying to make my blog.

I want to place my user image (the one you upload via Administration - Users at the Dashboard) in the _sub_sidebar.html and place it there just once.
I noticed it's not possible to put a [[ user field=image ]] tag outside the [[ subweblog ]] so I tried and solved the problem with:
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[[ subweblog name="standard" amount="1" ]]

without the amount="1" setting it will show the image just as many times as the entries you have on your page.
so far this method only works with my frontpage.

when (for example) sort entries by month it ignores the amount="1" setting and it will display the image as many times as the found entries.

is there a way to fix this? is it possible to use the [[user field=image]] field outside the subweglog so it's not connected to the placed entries?
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Re: User image problems

Postby hansfn » Thu Nov 17, 2011 8:49 am

As the documentation says the user tag is for picking up information about the author of the current entry or page. Work-around (without using a subweblog) - in _sub_sidebar.html insert:

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            [[assign var=user value=yourusername]]
            <img src="[[upload_dir]][[user field=image]]" />

PS! You could have used the subweblog as you did - just change name from "standard" to for example "authorimage". The name "standard" is kind of reserved since it is used dynamically for paging/archive.
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Re: User image problems

Postby attrib » Sat Nov 19, 2011 5:27 pm

thanks Hans, that worked!
didn't know that 'assign var' works like that.

and changing the name of the subweblog.. it makes very sense. why didn't I came up with that right away! :D
once again, thanks!
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