Installing PivotX in IIS with Search Engine Friendly URLs

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Installing PivotX in IIS with Search Engine Friendly URLs

Postby gishan » Wed Nov 14, 2012 7:30 am

Mod_rewrite is a module that is available in Apache which helps to make search engine friendly URLs in websites. The best environment to run PivotX is LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP); even without MySQL it could be done... But, if there's anybody who is interested in Windows other than Linux, I guarantee that you can still run PivotX in Microsoft IIS without any problem with all its features working specially with search engine friendly URLs.

During last few days I faced some bandwidth problems with my Linux server so that I had to move the entire PivotX site to a Windows server. But I still wanted to keep my search engine friendly URL structure. I search every ware in Google to find an alternative web.config file for PivotX that can replace Apache .htacess file, but I couldn't. (as you know .htaccess file is provided with PivotX to run the search engine friendly URLs feature in PivotX; but PivotX doesn't come with a web.config file that can be used in IIS)

Finally I managed to write a web.config file that is compatible with Microsoft IIS (compatible with IIS 7 or later) and managed to run my entire PivotX site in Windows platform fine keeping the same URL structure.

So if there's anyone who is interested in this, I have posted the step by step instructions here: on how to do this.

For the best performance, use GZip compression in IIS (You need administration access to enable this). If not you can do this by changing the web.config too.

Above code should also work in any shared Windows hosting plan too. (using IIS 7 or above)

Happy search engine friendly Windows powered PivotX!
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Re: Installing PivotX in IIS with Search Engine Friendly URL

Postby Harm10 » Wed Nov 14, 2012 11:03 pm

Thanks for sharing!
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