Custom URL structure

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Custom URL structure

Postby Via » Tue Jan 20, 2009 2:42 pm

Hello, if I want make absolutely everything in the root of domain, but not real files, all virtual. There exist some easy way?

And including search system, tags, and everything.
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Re: Custom URL structure

Postby hansfn » Tue Jan 20, 2009 7:53 pm

I assume that you have Apache. If you enable mod_rewrite, you get: (you can select between six different entry type URLs)

and so on. If that isn't good enough, you'll have to write an extension using the make_link hooks.
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Re: Custom URL structure

Postby Via » Wed Jan 21, 2009 12:33 pm

Actualy, what i trying to do: review site. And i looking engine for it. Currently I have there near 300 articles.

What reqired:
1. URL structure, like everything in the root.
Examples: and (or .php like in Dreadwind no-live mode)
2. Normal URL with search function (not , but just
3. Rating of articles. Like on some cool review sites, I think extension as pivot has (articles rating is enough), but would be perfect to have a rating also by webmaster, maybe some complicatd rating, with several criteria (summary) . And possiblity to put different tops. Users rating actualy prefered, but i afraid cheating.
4. Clean code of html pages, like it exist in Dreadwind. Nothing extra.
5. List of categories (I still don't know how it works, I added new category in PivotX, but it did not display on front page) . And I did not find at all how to display list of categories in front page of Dreadwind.
6. Related links in entries, links to simular reviews. I think I can do something with tags function, I hope. Its good for google.
7. Possibility for users to write a comments, if possible with smiles, etc. spam protection (I think both pivot has kind of this)
8. articles must be on front page, after some time (new articles coming to front page) older article goes to categories. To avoid articles beeing on the front page and on category page at the same time.
9. extras like pols, etc.
10. Possibility for logged users keep bookmarks of articles right on my site.

My other problems and thoughts:
1. In pivotX no-live urls liek: , no idea how to change to old Dreadwind mode with /name-of-entry.php in the root. (%entry%.php in administration panel not found this field)
2. Search function in PivotX: leads me to and text No matches found for "pivot". Try something else. With default installation and sample entry. Weird.
3. IN pivotX i found only rebuild index button, is it enough to make pivot read new templates and includes, I don't know.
3. I like old school design on pivotlog , these wordpress-like widgets just waste of time (imho)
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Re: Custom URL structure

Postby Schop » Fri Jan 23, 2009 9:35 pm

I think what Via means is that he/she wants to get the mod_rewrite function to work. But I might be wrong....

Via: what's your native language? Maybe it would be easier for one of the developers to actually learn the language (provided it's not Mandarin or something like that), and then answer your questions (just kidding, don't get mad).
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Re: Custom URL structure

Postby Via » Tue Jan 27, 2009 1:12 am

:) No problem.

My friend programer do for me some changes of pivotx.

But i got question: nobody experinced problems with "search" function ? As i noticed above.
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