Broken ser_weblogs.php / inaccessible subweblog-categories

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Broken ser_weblogs.php / inaccessible subweblog-categories

Postby blausand » Thu Feb 25, 2010 2:05 am

Before i start whining, let me point out that almost everything is working great in PivotX. Thank you all!

When i restored a backup of my ser_weblogs.php with some weblogs that contained a category that was no longer existant, the Backend showed me the weblogs and the categories, but when i tried to edit the categories, #section-3 of the UI stayed empty. Returning to weblogs, the corresponding cell for categories was empty. Opening the ser_weblogs.php, the corresponding category-list is now also empty in the file. :o
I setup a weblog called CatChecker that worked fine and let me choose categories from the UI.
I tried to edit the file within a text editor (which is a pain :geek: ) and copied the Arrays for categories from this working CatChecker (twice for each weblog) but could never make pivotx accept the arrays. (the file itself was displayed well within the Backend UI > file explorer > db > ser_weblogs.php).

Concluding, i think that parsing errors in these ser_*.php-files should be reported in debug mode somehow
and want to ask if this horrible file format is really necessary for all future? :evil: - Thanks for reading.

PS.: hansfn, i could send the file in question of course, but i didn't want to spam your inbox unrequestedly.
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Re: Broken ser_weblogs.php / inaccessible subweblog-categories

Postby hansfn » Thu Feb 25, 2010 10:10 am

- First of all: Never, ever edit the ser_* files, which are serialized PHP arrays, unless you know exactly what you are doing (and you have a decent editor).
- The file format is handy because it loads very quickly. JSON (or XML) could have been used, but it is slow and/or requires extra PHP extensions. Key-value pairs are also fragile. The problem is really that no editor as a mode for serialized PHP arrays (which is a surprise to me).
- Yes, maybe PivotX should report if these ser_* files are broken, but they never are (unless you edit them manually).

Feel free to send the file to me and I'll try to fix it.

PS! All of this happened because you wanted to move entries from one category to another, right? It is very easy to modify PivotX Tools to do that. Either you write a patch for PivotX Tools or you make a friendly request in that forum thread ...
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