One cause of a file uploading problem

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One cause of a file uploading problem

Postby Sari » Tue Mar 09, 2010 7:05 am

I'm running PivotX 2.0.0 on a FreeBSD machine. I've been tinkering with my configuration to resolve a file uploading problem, and finally got it working. Though it just turned out to be a silly configuration mistake, since I didn't find anything similar to this particular case in this community, I thought I'd share it for someone else's reference. I'd also appreciate any suggestions and comments if there is a more fundamental solution.

Problem description: When I tried to upload an image from "Insert an Image" dialog in a New Entry form by pressing the "Upload an image" button and selecting a file, though the dialog showed a red box with the file name and a message "Complete." in it, the file was not uploaded. No error messages.
Cause of the problem: In php.ini, I didn't have upload_tmp_dir specified. It had to be set to a directory that permits read-write access by the httpd process owner.

I found a similar correspondence in this community regarding the access permission of PivotX's "images" directory, but didn't find one regading the PHP directory configuration, so I thought it might be worth mentioning it here. I hope information like this would help!

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